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    Current Participants

    Installations for the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority Connected Vehicle Pilot have ended, and registration for this project is now closed.

    Alerts: As of October 2019, participants in the treatment group who have received the latest firmware updates should expect the full complement of alerts to air in their vehicle throughout the remainder of the study. Be advised of the possibility for false alerts due to GPS interference and recalibration. If you believe you are receiving false alerts on a consistent basis, please contact one of our installation specialists at installs@theacvpilot.com or call (813) 280-3405 with a description of your experience.

    Need an inspection? If you are a current participant with the THEA CV Pilot, and require an inspection or uninstall, please use the link below to schedule an appointment. Inspections and uninstalls will be handled on Fridays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., subject to change and facility availability, throughout the duration of the study.

    Can’t make it? If you’re in need of a date or time outside of this availability, please contact one of our installation specialists at installs@theacvpilot.com or call (813) 280-3405 with the circumstance, and he will be happy to accommodate as best we can.

    Make room in your schedule. Most appointments take between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

    Empty your vehicle of large items prior to arrival. Technicians will need access to the interior and trunk to inspect your equipment. Please remove all child safety seats and clean out any trash. If your vehicle is a pickup truck, remove any bed cover or cap.

    Know where you’re going. Similar to installations, maintenance will be completed at the Hillsborough Community College Ybor Campus Training Center, 5610 E Columbus Drive, Tampa, FL 33619. View the map for detailed directions.

    Schedule an Appointment


    Informed Consent Document (PDF)


    Directions to Your Appointment (PDF)


    Your Connected Vehicle Equipment (PDF)


    Toll Rebate FAQ (PDF)


    Participant Driver’s Manual (PDF)


    Quick Reference Guide (Rack Card) English (PDF)