Walk Much?

Experience a more pedestrian friendly downtown.

Can connected vehicles really improve pedestrian safety?

Yes! Connected vehicles can “talk” to each other and to elements of the transportation infrastructure, including crosswalks. In Tampa, we are testing this potentially lifesaving technology at the midblock crosswalk on East Twiggs Street near the Hillsborough County Courthouse.

Here’s how it works. When sensors detect a pedestrian in the crosswalk, roadside equipment broadcasts that information to nearby connected vehicles. If a vehicle’s speed and direction indicate a potential collision course with the pedestrian, the driver receives an alert.

Remember, always pay attention when crossing the street. And if you happen to use the midblock crosswalk on East Twiggs Street, you can experience the THEA Connected Vehicle Pilot as a pedestrian—just by walking downtown!

Car Sensor Pedestrians
Crossing Sensor Pedestrians
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